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EMS Information

YLM Association members must contract with EMS providers or otherwise secure appropriate medical personnel to attend at all home games. Below, find a list of EMS companies, which YLM provides as a resource to help members comply with this requirement. 

Rules of Play

For 2022, all field players must be equipped with shoulder pads that meet the NOCSAE ND-200 standard. This equipment standard for field players becomes effective on January 1, 2022.

The shoulder-pad NOCSAE ND-200 requirement reflects a rule change adopted by USA Lacrosse in late 2018 subject to a three-year delayed implementation.  Coaches should expect that 2022 pre-game coaches' certifications will include a question about this equipment change.

For more on the NOCSAE ND-200 standard, visit USAL's FAQ page on the topic.

Note that the NOCSAE ND200 standard became mandatory for goalie chest protectors beginning on January 1, 2021. Goalies are not required by rule to wear shoulder pads--although YLM recommends it for youth goalies--but goalies must wear compliant chest protectors.  

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