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YLM Annual General Meeting

The Youth Lacrosse MN Annual General Meeting will take place on November 3rd, 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm.  We have seating for 50-60 members, so there may be some folks standing.  Please try to send a representative to the meeting to assure that you have a say in the direction of the YLM. Remember, we administer the league that you vote on us to administer.

We will have several important positions open this year, including President.  We also have had a request from Deb Mau to find a replacement for her as Treasurer. She has been doing this job for more than eight years, and I think we owe it to her to find someone to take on this important role.

The meeting will be held at the Black Box Theater inside Bloomington’s City Hall.  The address is 1800 Old Shakopee Road, Bloomington, MN, 55431.  

YLM Board

Congratulations to the 2019 YLM State Champions

2019 YLM Key Dates for Associations

February 15, 2019:  Deadline for Association registration and dues ($500). 

April 5, 2019:  Registration for pre-season jamborees opens on YLM website.  Associations to provide the number of pre-season teams, along with age groups, skill levels (A or B), and weekends that they want to participate. 

April 12, 2019:  Registration for pre-season jamborees closes; field and team registrations open for regular season.

April 26, 2019:  Schedule published for sites and dates for pre-season jamborees. Deadline to pay pre-season jamboree team fees ($300/team).

May 3, 2019:  Deadline to register teams for YLM regular season; team fees due.  YLM member associations voted at the 2018 annual meeting to hold firm this year to not accept any late team registrations.

May 10, 2019: Deadline to withdraw a team from regular season play. Coach and CHILL Manager registrations open on YLM website.  Associations must certify (1) that all coaches are compliant with Minnesota mandated concussion training; (2) that all coaches are US Lacrosse members (background checks will be provided for free through USL); and (3) that all head coaches have completed YLM coach training.

May 4-5, 11-12; 18-19, 2019: Pre-season jamboree weekends. Sites TBD; host sites needed.

May 13, 2019: Preliminary regular-season game schedule released to Association Administrators & District Directors for review. Do not send or publish this version to your constituents.

May 25, 2019 (Edited): Revised regular-season game schedule made public. The first week of the season will be FIRM, but the balance of the schedule remains subject to change as needed to accommodate dropped teams and officials' availability. Accordingly, it is critical that coaches, managers, and parents check the schedule regularly throughout the YLM season; YLM will not send notices of changes but will merely post changes to the teams' schedules.
June 3, 2019: Full schedule of regular-season games begins. Regular season runs through July 25.

June 21, 2019: Game reschedule and rain-out make-up date for June.

July 1, 2019: Final rosters due with players’ names, jersey numbers.  Player birth dates, and US Lacrosse numbers should be readily accessible to YLM staff upon request. 

Every Coach, CHILL Manager and Team Manager’s name and cell phone number needs to be current on the YLM website and coaches need to have completed the 2019 Coach/Manger Registraion in order for the association to receive the full refund (up to $300). 

July 3-5, 2019: Blackout dates; no games.

July 12, 2019: Game reschedule and rain-out make-up date for July. Games that are cancelled for any reason after this date might not be be made up due to constraints beyond YLM's control, e.g., field availability or officials' availability. 

July 27-28, 2019: U8 and U10 jamborees.  Sites TBD; host sites needed.

July 29 - August 1, 2019: Statewide B level playoffs for U14 and U12. Sites TBD; host sites needed.  

August 3-4, 2019: State Tournament pool play for all U14 and U12 teams. Sites TBD; host sites needed.

November 3, 2019: Annual General Meeting - Bloomington City Hall, Black Box Theater, 1800 Old Shakopee Road, Bloomington

The Registration "YLM Home" is not currently available.

YLM Town Halls

Next YLM Town Hall


Our periodic "Town Hall" events offer associations an opportunity to learn more about upcoming YLM league and organizational events, provide input about league operations, and meet other association and YLM leaders. 

If you have questions, please direct them to:   

2019 YLM Age Division Summary

Birth Dates Division Grade Field Players Goalie Off-Sides Pass Rule EMT
6/1/2004* - 8/31/2006 14U 7th-8th Full 10 v 10 yes yes none yes
9/1/2006 - 8/31/2008 12U 5th-6th Full 10 v 10 yes yes none yes
9/1/2008 - 8/31/2010 10U 3rd-4th Cross 7 v 7 yes yes 2 completed no
9/1/2010 - 8/31/2012 8U 1st-2nd Cross 5 v 5 no no 3 attempts no

*6/1 cut-off date is for current 8th graders only. Current 9th graders are not allowed to play on a 14U team in YLM.

YLM Mission:

The mission of the YLM is to foster, promote, and perpetuate the game of lacrosse for Minnesota’s youth.

Main Contact

YLM VP of Operations


To sync team schedules on SportsEngine Sites with YLM website:

To sync team schedules on SportsEngine Sites with YLM website:

Acquire the schedule URL

  1. Open the YLM main page
  2. Navigate to your team page via the Schedules tab.
  3. Turn on Edit Mode in LH column
  4. Each team page has team calendar.  At the bottom, click the ICAL icon.
  5. Copy the URL
  6. Add to your Association Website via Calendars or Website Settings

Add VIA Calendars (required editing permissions for calendars)

  1. Open your Association Calendar or Team Calendar page and click into edit mode
  2. Click “ Add iCal Feed”
    1. On Team Calendars, it is found under the gear icon
    2. On General Calendars, it is found just above the month and will require selecting the appropriate tag
  3. Paste the URL into the appropriate field and Name the feed (e.g. 2017 YLM 8U_StPaul).
  4. Click "Add this feed”.
  5. The schedule should populate into the directed calendar. 

Add VIA Website Settings (requires Admin permissions)

  1. On your Association site, Select the Website Settings Tab, then iCal feeds
  2. Paste the URL into the appropriate field and Name the feed (e.g. 2017 YLM 8U_StPaul).
  3. Select the appropriate tag or tags for your calendar
  4. Click "Add this feed”.
  5. The schedule should populate into the directed calendar. 

Feeds can be edited (like changing tags) or deleted here.

To register for USL coaching clinics, visit the USL coaching clinic lookup page using the link below:

officials needed

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    Coach Resources

    coach training and practice plans

    2017 Rule Videos

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